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Merchant App






The Project

Create a MVP merchant app which shows the restaurant merchant, in real time -

  • Total number of QR code scans from MealPal users

  • Total number of guaranteed orders from MealPal

  • Total number of potential additional orders from MealPal

  • First name, last name initial of latest scan in a running list 

  • Max number of additional scans possible from 1:30 PM onwards

The Problem

Everyday at 10:30 AM the MealPal kitchen closes and restaurants are given the number of guaranteed orders that have been reserved for that day by MealPal users. With the introduction of flexible orders, MealPal users are able to order from the kitchen until 1:30 PM, giving users more flexibility and restaurants more orders. However, restaurants do not have a real time, up to date way to track how many orders have come in to scan throughout lunch time and how many additional orders they are expected to have.

Male Portrait

Mark is the General Manager at a popular fast casual restaurant in NYC. He loves the volume MealPal gives his restaurant but during the hectic lunch rush, it's easy to lose track of how many meals still need to be made. Mark's team often make too many or not enough meals.


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