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Allison (Ally) Starnes






Greetings! My name is Allison, but I usually go by Ally. Welcome to my website!

I graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Dakota and hold a BFA in Graphic Design + New Art Media and a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising.​

I was first introduced to the world of product design in June 2019 when began working under the mentorship of MealPal's Senior Product Designer where I learned invaluable information on how to wireframe, prototype, and user test. Starting in December 2019 I became the sole Product Designer for MealPal and my title officially changed to Product Designer in June 2020.

Working at a small startup has given me wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as a product designer very quickly. Since January 2020 I have designed 6 responsive homepages, 2 apps from scratch, 1 mobile web platform, and countless other features, explorations, and fixes in between.

I LOVE what I do and have big dreams for my future. I aspire to one day be a full-stack designer and I am well on my way! I am always looking to learn new things and strive to show the world what I am capable of as a designer, artist, and individual.​

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