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Donation X




The Project

My vision with my app was to create a seamless donation experience by showing users where current donation facilities are, what they accept if they support home pick up and the best route to take to drop off all of your donations. 

The Problem

Donating in the city can be a pain, lugging heavy garbage bags full of clothes and shoes through the city only to arrive at your chosen donation facility to find that they only accept men’s professional clothes. Hmph. If you don’t happen to live near goodwill or have a car, donating can be a half a day endeavor. For us busy folk, taking half a day out of your weekend can feel next to impossible. 

Elise is a busy 20 something new to NYC.

Elise always has good intentions of donating unneeded clothing but she is a busy 20 something and doesn’t have time to dedicate half a day to find a donation facility that will accept all of her things. She often puts it off for so long that she gets tired of the garbage bags of clothes taking up space in her room that she just throws them away.


Olivia is a mother of 2 under 5.

Olivia's children are constantly growing out of their clothes and living in a NYC apartment she doesn’t have much storage room for unused clothing. She likes the idea of donating as well as buying used clothing for her children. But dragging 2 young kids to multiple donation stores on a Saturday isn’t Olivia's ideal day. 


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